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Trying to find a yoga studio in Littleton?

Whether you’re new to yoga or not finding a place to learn and improve can be a long process. You want to find somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and at peace and that can be tricky sometimes. There are a lot of things to consider when picking a studio. We’ve broken this process into a simple and easy Littleton Yoga guide  for you to adopt when on your search.

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The Yogi’s

This is especially important when just starting off. Yoga can be a fun new experience for anyone that wants to try but we feel that the yogi can sometimes make or break that first time. Make sure to always look into the reviews of the studio and see what other peoples experiences are with the yogi’s. Often times you can see personal favorites in the reviews so keep that in mind. Often times this shouldn’t be a huge issue but we always recommend this step just in case.

Choosing the right class

There are A TON of different types of yoga classes for every person. Whether searching for a spiritual experience or just a recreational way to relieve stress there is something for everybody. We always recommend trying all sorts of experiences to find which type of yoga you like best! Here are the top favorites we recommend for Littleton Yoga.

Hata: for beginners or groups

This is the most widely practiced form of yoga across the United States right now. The pace is much more gentle then some and can be incredibly relaxing. You will learn to focus and quite the mind during a pose which are fundamentals to all yoga practices. There are plenty of Hata Littleton Yoga studios all across the area.

Bikram: For a healing or “hot” challenge

Bikram or hot yoga is becoming ever more popular especially for those looking to build up a sweat. People all across the world starting to use hot yoga for physical therapy. The hot temperature also can be used as an accelerate to improve flexibility.

Kundalini: For the SPIRITUAL

This is much less common. There are few studio’s in the area that focus on this form of yoga. But for those searching for a spiritual journey go out and try Kundalini. We have had people that have experienced a lot of life change because of this form but it’s definitely not for everyone.

If those guides didn’t help you or you’re interested in a different type of Yoga here’s one of our favorite videos from Youtube to help you out.

The Location

Last thing you might want to consider is location. This doesn’t necessarily mean how close you are to the studio but if the area makes you feel comfortable and at ease. When practicing yoga your setting can affect how relaxed you are and can be important. Weigh in distance and setting when choosing the right studio. Littleton Yoga is a guide we are very proud of and we hope you enjoyed it. Let us know if this helped you!


Littleton Yoga Stuidos

We have reviewed and visited many different studios throughout the area but we encourage you to find your own. We see it as a personal journey but feel free to use this guide as a road map along the way to help you! Best of luck and namaste to all you people!


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